Nutrition – Healthy classes

Nowadays, everything can be learned, and everything can be validated. We learn to read, write, count… Later, we learn to drive, we learn a trade…

But why don’t we learn to eat, when it is one of the pillars of our health?

Our diet determines not only our body mass and composition, but also and above all, it has a direct impact on our state of fitness, our performance, our ability to prevent certain diseases or to recover more quickly. In short, more globally, our diet determines our health in the broadest sense, both physical and mental.

  • Let’s talk about nutrition – 2:30
  • Let’s talk about fibres – 1:15
  • Let’s talk about food combination – 1:15
  • Let’s talk about junk food – 1:15
  • Let’s talk about lipids and fat- 1:15
  • Let’s talk about weight loos – 45 min